About Us

B.T.M TRAVEL AND TRADING LTD was established in April 2013. B.T.M is a trade and consulting company dedicated to the continued development of external companies in China and the UK alongside other associated multi-level organizations. The abbreviation B.T.M is derived from the collective of cities where B.T.M business is primarily concentrated: Beijing, Tokyo and Manchester. 

At B.T.M, the principle of mutual benefit serves as the foundation of our operations, where each branch utilizes the other working as one cohesive unit to further business development in East Asia and the United Kingdom. Through the sharing of goods and resources B.T.M accomplishes this end goal with importing both Chinese and Japanese products to the United Kingdom while exporting British products to the East Asian countries of Japan, South Korea, mainland China and Taiwan.

Another primary focus of B.T.M is to aid Chinese and Japanese enterprises in establishing connections in the UK and conduct research evaluations concerning both procurement and investment related activities in the United Kingdom. Alongside forging connections, B.T.M will carry out a detailed description to assist in the procurement of products.

B.T.M is dedicated to providing its business partners with the best guidance in terms of building quality and stable supply channels, adhering to our culture of carrying out phenomenal service relying on our solid financial backing and industry reputation. The implementation of our en-grained business practices involving providing quality products and services to our clients in tandem with smooth and effective collaboration allows for a strengthening of communication between the business exchanges of China, Japan and the UK for a better future.

In order to find out innovative thinking and leadership through service, our commitment save people's money so they can live better have made us the business we are today and are shaping the company we will be tomorrow.