How to select your luggage

To buy a piece of luggage, you should select it according to actual needs

  • First of all, determining the size according to the specific circumstances, if you are going to take the plane, then the box must not be larger than 21 inches, otherwise it can not be carried, it must be handled Check-In.

  • Second, check whether the surface and corners of the box are smooth and no scars. If there is aluminum alloy angle, then also check if it is firm.

  • Third, take the box to take a few steps to see if the wheel is flexible. The wheel is very important, it is better to choose a rubber wheel, due to rude on the plane.

  • Then put the box flat and put a heavy load on the shell to check the quality of the box.

  • The most important thing is to check the performance of the lock, for the password lock, you can arbitrarily adjust a password to try, but pay attention to the official password.

  • After the above check, you can buy it with confidence. The maintenance method of luggage is very simple, as long as not close to fire and corrosive items.

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